How to Create a Simple Web Page – Step By Step Guide

The online presence of your business can have a great impact on the overall sales of your services and products. This is why the look and structure of the web page are an important parts of your website. A web designer can create and modify web pages using HTML. Follow the steps below to create a simple web page using HTML. Step 1: Edit the Content in Notepad As a starting point, write raw text content and check how the...

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Importance of Call to Action (CTA) For Higher Conversion

Importance of Call to Action

A call to action is a crucial aspect of a landing page that's placed in multiple positions. Sometimes, it's just the right side of the header, and sometimes you could find it at the bottom too. Note that it's always placed in areas that instantly catch the attention of the visitor.  Clear from its name, the call to action makes your users take action for conversion. But, like any other content for the landing page design, the call to action...

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Top 5 Heading & Subheading Tricks for Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate

Headings are the second thing that visitors notice after the header. These are slogans that are written on the image top, mostly in bigger fonts. Besides catching user attention, headings encourage the users to stay on the page. This contributes to a higher conversion rate and extensive user traffic. So, we're sharing heading & subheading tricks for higher conversion rate. Below the headings are the subheadings that are written in smaller fonts. It gives more specific details of the heading content....

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Top 8 Objectives Of Designing a Landing Page 

Objectives Of Designing a Landing Page 

There are many objectives of designing a landing page. A landing page is a web page that your customers are directed to after clicking on an advertisement or marketing campaign. It encourages users/visitors to stay on the page and take action, which is then useful for lead generation or sales. A website owner can design a landing page for various purposes.  You can create a landing page to encourage the users for webinar signups, free trials, downloads, and more. However,...

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Designing Tips for Your Landing Page ( Visuals, Contents, and Fonts)

Demo Landing Page

Going to design a landing page? Check out these designing tips for your landing page. Landing pages are one of the best ways to convert your visitors into leads. It's a standalone page that visitors are redirected to after clicking a link, advertisement, or email. Thus, they are actionable in nature.  Besides the purpose that it serves, a landing page should be visually appealing so that the users can stay for long. It should have high-quality and well-written content with...

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Designing a Landing Page for Your Startup [& Key Elements]

Landing Page for Startup

A landing page is simply your website, but it's called a landing page because it's only one page. You can scroll it, and it has a clear goal to convert visitors. Convert can mean different things. For example, you can convert visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This way, you can collect email addresses and evaluate interest according to how many people actually signed up. This is called lead generation. Or, you can convert visitors to pre-buy your product.  A...

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