6 Key Design Concepts Every Web Designer Should Know

As the web matures and the number of devices we access it from increases exponentially, the world of web designing is growing more complicated. In this blog, we’ll focus on big concepts (not the basics) of web design to give you a solid foundation for developing your skills.  They include: The multitude of devicesWeb standardsProgressive enhancementResponsive web designAccessibilitySite performance So, let’s get started. A Multitude of Devices Until 2007, our biggest concern was dealing with multiple desktop browsers. The introduction...

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Programming Languages You Need to Master To Become a Web Designer  

Based on the data of Internet live statistics, there are more than 1,926,445,400 websites active worldwide. More and more people want to develop their personal or business websites for many reasons. Thus, there is a great opportunity for web designers to win projects linked to creating a website.  Do you want to become an expert web designer but don’t know what languages you need for it? If yes, then this guide is very helpful for you. The following is a...

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Designing a Landing Page for Your Startup [& Key Elements]

Landing Page for Startup

A landing page is simply your website, but it's called a landing page because it's only one page. You can scroll it, and it has a clear goal to convert visitors. Convert can mean different things. For example, you can convert visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This way, you can collect email addresses and evaluate interest according to how many people actually signed up. This is called lead generation. Or, you can convert visitors to pre-buy your product.  A...

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How Color Combinations Can Impact Interactive Website Designs

web designs color combination

In our modern world, a good website design is one that inspires emotions and allows the visitor to experience a wonderful journey while browsing. For this, colors, shapes, page structure, and even images have a paramount level of importance. However, our personal experience as one of the best Milwaukee Web Design Agencies showed us that among all these factors, the color combination is extremely important. If the tones are not right, your site may not have the possibility to send...

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