When you think of building a website, there are many things that you should consider. From website design to content pages, everything is very important for your business and SEO. Most people build a website but often do not know what info or pages they should add to it?

When you are planning or thinking of your website’s content, think about your site visitors and what they will expect to search or find. Having a clear idea of what your customers want and why you should build a website will help you grow your business. In this article, we will help you with the type of pages you need on your website.

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The first page that visitors see when they land on your website is the homepage. So, build a homepage that looks compelling and attractive to catch the visitors’ attention. The homepage should have a brief introduction and summary of your services. You can add your mission statement and testimonials from clients on this page.

About Us Page

About Page is a must to have on your website. It tells people about who you are and why they should trust your services. You can name this page “About Us” or “About Me” or “About Business Name” based on your website type. Further, you can use this page to tell visitors about the history behind your business. It builds trust among your clients as they get to know the real people behind the scenes.

Contact Page

Another page that you should not miss is the “Contact Page”. Your viewers, customers, or blog readers all need your contact information to call you or email you. A well-maintained contact page help users find your contact quickly and easily. You can add your email address, location map, contact number, and social media profiles on the contact page to offer more ways for viewers to connect with you.

Products and Services Page

If you are building an eCommerce website to sell products, then make sure your site has a products and services page. In case you use the eCommerce plugin, this page comes automatically. But, if you are offering services without using an eCommerce plugin, then you need to add a product or services page for customers. It gives viewers a clear picture of what services you are offering and may compel them to buy those services from you.

Portfolio or Gallery

A gallery and portfolio are also a must when you are offering services like hair styling, photography, web design, and more. Well maintained online portfolio demonstrates the breadth of your capabilities to potential clients.  You can also add a small video if you think it will help persuade prospective customers that you’re the right vendor for their needs.

Blog or Post

Another important page that you should not miss is the Blogs/Posts . They help promote your business and bring more sales to you. Blogs are also a great way to reach more people worldwide.

In addition to above mention pages, you can add a location page if you serve in more than one location in your area.

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