guest blogging

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Guest blogging is an easy and quite lucrative way of promoting your site, product, event, and more. It’s actually considered, by many SEO specialists , as being the solution to all your growth and conversion problems when you don’t have a huge marketing budget.

The concept of guest blogging or guest posting is well-known in the digital marketing world and goes in two directions:

  • Posting content on other blogs/sites and asking owners to include a link back to your site
  • Inviting guest bloggers to post content on your own site/blog

In the first case, you have the chance to expand your footprint without spending thousands of dollars on promotion campaigns. Usually, the link is included in the author bio, but there are cases when you can include one or more links directly in the text. In both cases, readers have a chance of reaching you.

If you invite other bloggers to become contributors on your site, you create the amazing opportunity of getting high-quality content at low cost or for free (depending on the terms you discuss with your collaborators). Even more, each collaborator will want to promote their piece, so your site gets free publicity in social media. What could you want more?

Is there any Risk for My Site?

According to a survey performed by Social Marketing Writing , 62.96% of people replied that they find a blog with multiple authors as being more credible. While this is another point in favor of guest blogging, there are also risks involved.

The main risk is represented by low-quality content, followed by duplicate posts (bloggers who post the same piece on several sites). If you allow this to happen, Google will lower your page index and this leads directly to a drop in search results.

So, as you can see, there is quite a risk involved. However, there are ways to avoid such a disaster and still reap the benefits of a well-designed guest blogging campaign.

How to avoid bad Guest Blogging

There are a few rules every good digital marketing agency and SEO specialist follow when it comes to guest posts. Below we listed the most important ones:

  • Always check for plagiarism! There are special online tools that can tell if the content is being reused. Avoid spammy blogs for as much as possible and never accept content that doesn’t look right.
  • Make sure the content is useful and relevant to your site. After all, none of your readers would want to know about toothpaste when your main topic is bread backing (just an example).
  • Build a relationship with site owners who want to post in your blog and the ones you want to post your articles. Once you create a connection with people you can trust, guest blogging will be a lot more productive.
  • Don’t overuse the anchor text! It’s recommended to use your brand’s name or URL when linking back to your site.
  • Make sure the end-user (site readers in this case) will enjoy the type of content you create and distribute.

How to search Guest Blogging sites in your niche?

Newbies looking for a chance to do guest blogging. But first thing come into mind, “What I can search on Search Engines to get exact niches for guest blogging?”

Read continuously….

Here are few queries which may help you. Queries to follow. Google it!

  • Keyword “guest post”
  • Keyword “guest blogger”
  • Keyword “writers needed”
  • Keyword “blog for us”
  • Keyword “write for us”

Other sources are Social media platforms, forum communities, blog directories, normal search queries and spy on your competitor backlinks with paid and free tools. That’s it!

Guyz, soon I will discuss another quality value with you.