Most businesses today use software to increase the efficiency of their process and reduce costs. It’s a perk of the era we live in and it’s a great way to keep things moving smoothly. But did you know it matters what type of software you’re using?

The main software used in companies today is off-the-shelf and treats general problems, in the sense that it can be used for a wide range of activities. However, a general soft won’t bend over your business’s needs just how you want it. There will always be something that doesn’t just fit right and, in many cases, there are tons of functionalities you’re not using even though you paid for them.

So what’s the solution then? We recommend every business that crosses our threshold to invest in custom software. It may be a bit more expensive in the short term, but on the long run, it’s the perfect solution to have all your needs met.

But, before you consult with a custom software development company, let’s clear things up: how exactly will custom software be of help?

Happier Employees and Time Better Spent

According to a study performed in the UK,   41% employees say that the job doesn’t create the right conditions for them to work at their peak productivity level. And this is not happening just in Britain, everywhere you go, you’ll meet motivated employees who want to do more but can’t.

Custom software comes to solve this problem by offering users a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. A custom software development company will know how to integrate the existing work flow and terminology in the soft and how to offer a product that doesn’t seem new or too complex.

Take a quoting system for example (one of the projects we developed) .  In any business, quoting takes a lot of time and consumes resources, but with our system, the company managed to automatize the process and reduce costs with personnel.

Automate your Business processes

Automatic processes are the best way to boost business productivity! But off-the-shelf software can’t know all your business processes and you might miss a lot. Take for example, the work we did for a start-up activating in oil trading (check our portfolio for more) .  We automatized the invoicing process, the auctions, and the bank-to-bank payments. Even more, the platform we created also covers inventory and order management. The end-result is clean and highly effective for our client.

So, by investing in custom software, you not only reduce those repetitive, daunting tasks assigned to personnel, but you also boost productivity.

Customized Reports

Reporting is an integral part of the business, but it’s also quite dreaded by employees and even business managers. A well-built, comprehensive report can offer an accurate picture of your development and growth which is why most off-the-shelf software companies boast about this. Still, they can’t get the level of detail and personalization custom software could offer.