As an entrepreneur, you must try to be as productive and effective as possible in all your endeavors. After all, time is money and activities like email answering and sending out instructions for a new project tend to be quite consuming.

For instance, if you manage an app development team but also work on other projects that will boost your business, it’s highly probable that most of your time will be spent on sending put instructions, talking with the graphic designer and laying out schedules and budgets. These things take time and you’ll end up putting off work for other projects if you don’t plan ahead.

Luckily, technology is on our side and we can use a plethora of apps to boost productivity and make sure we don’t spend too much time with unproductive tasks (like browsing social media). And, to give you a hand and cut the research time in half, we made a list with top 10 apps that you should have.

#1: Rescue Time

Have you ever wonder how much time you spend on social media or simple reading emails and chatting with friends? If you feel you don’t know when the day is flying away, install Rescue Time and the app will tell you. The cool thing is that you can install it on both computers and mobile devices and you’ll get an accurate and detailed report of your day. You can set notifications and alerts and works for anyone regardless of the fact that you’re a mobile developer or a project manager.

#2: Microsoft Office 365

As a business manager or owner, you will be working with a lot of documents, from financial records to employee information, to projects’ specifications. But this is not the main problem; the problem is the time you lose while searching for each document! With Microsoft Office 365 , you get access to all your documents saved in One Drive using a mobile device and reduce the time spent searching.

#3: Slack

This is a fantastic app that works on both mobile devices and computers and it was specially designed for group projects. As a custom software development company , we understand the importance of collaborative software and the amazing possibility to send updates to the entire team at once. Slack is this and so much more, and as proof, many big companies use it.

#4: Asana

Still on the topic of collaborative work, Asana is fantastic when you need to work with several projects at the same time. The app allows managers to set new tasks, work with deadlines, and chat using the same interface.

#5: TripIt

If you travel a lot, for business or pleasure, you may need an app to help you keep track of your movement through the world. TripIt is designed to keep your travel plans, confirmations, and builds a master itinerary that fits your travel purpose.

#6: Cal

The possibility to share your calendar with people you work or with your family keeps you productive and focused. However, cross-platform sharing is not always successful, which is why Cal was born. The app is free and works for both Android and iOS, keeping everyone’s calendar in sync.

#7: InkFlow

This app allows you to put your ideas in your phone without having to actually write them down – you draw them. InkFlow is mostly oriented towards the visual thinker but it is extremely cozy to use whenever a brilliant idea strikes.

#8: Focus@Will

If you find yourself searching for hours for a good YouTube playlist to boost your productivity, this behavior has to stop! It doesn’t help you to find the perfect playlist if the day is gone. Luckily, the mobile developer who invented Focus@Will understands this problem and came with an app that provides special playlists to boost creativity and productivity.

#9: Shopping List Ease

Grocery shopping is not the fun kind of shopping and it usually takes a lot more time (and money) than you plan. To avoid this boring task from keeping you from work, Shopping List Ease is an app that keeps track of your purchases and the items you already have in your pantry. The app works on both Android and iOS and you can sync it over platforms.

#10: OracleNetSuite

If you work with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software you already know how much this helps your productivity. Still, when you’re on the road, the ERP can’t be accessed unless you have a private connection. Enter OracleNetSuite where you can use your mobile device to access the ERP in your office and work while you’re on the road.