mobile apps for small business

Did you ever think about developing your business and clientele via a mobile app? I am sure you did at some point but buried the idea under a mountain of calculations and previsions. Sadly, in many cases, entrepreneurs believe that a mobile app will be just a replica of their responsive site and don’t manage to see its usefulness as an individual element.

However, with a bit of help from an ingenious mobile developer, you will find that a custom mobile app can bring a breath of fresh air in your sales and customer base. After all, there must be a reason why more and more small businesses accept the idea (as of March 2017 Google Play has over 2.8 million apps and App Store counts 2.2 billion apps and these are not just games).

If you are toying with the idea, take a look at the real-life examples below and see for yourself how a custom mobile app can be of help.

Hopper – Increase in Sales by Millions of Dollars

According to one of the CEOs at Hopper, their mobile app is amazing when it comes to selling best deals on flights. They managed to get an increase in sales, but only after their app development team implemented a new push-notification strategy.

With the new strategy, Hopper sends each month, about 20 million push notifications. The strategy is extremely efficient and they manage to sale almost all the flights on their offer due to it.

Keep in mind: for a small business, the push-notifications system is a fantastic way to keep your customers close. Still, this system has a very delicate balance so you must talk with some mobile app development companies that are specialized in working with it.

Nykaa – 35% Increase in Paying Customers

Their mobile app offers faster access to products available on the site, but they also had a base of dormant users (people who install the app but never use it for a purchase). To motivate them into becoming paying customers, Nykaa mobile developers introduced a system of time-bound offers (discount coupons) that would expire after 90 days from the time of the app installation.

Keep in mind: Discount coupons offered through the mobile app are a great idea for increasing your active customer’s database. You can do the same for loyal customers or people who use your app to promote your products on their social media accounts.

Groupon Now – Time-sensitive Offers

This app combines push notifications with geo targeting and manages to deliver time-sensitive offers to people who can reach them in time. It is a system that increased sales for small and big businesses that published a campaign for just-in-time offers.

The mobile app allows businesses to introduce their offer and delivers notifications to users who are nearby. For instance, if you own a bar and you’re having a slow night, you can offer an extended happy hour to everyone who can reach your establishment in under an hour.

Of course, every business can create a similar custom mobile app in order to attract customers that are already in the area.