With more and more people set on using mobile devices, the domination of custom mobile apps is growing as we speak. Even more, according to recent data,   it is expected that by 2020, mobile apps will generate about $189 billion in revenues via in-app advertising and app stores. So, you can see how, to an innovative marketer, a mobile app can be a genuine gold mine.

As an app development company, we worked on a wide range of projects and below, you can see the top ten most innovative ways to use an app to increase sales.

#1: Offer Coupons for Installing the App

If you feel your users are dormant (they download the app but don’t buy anything), offer a time-bound coupon valid for their first few purchases within a number of days from the installation. Companies that applied this method got about 35% increase in sales revenue.

#2: Offer the Chance to make Purchases

If you already have a fan base for your mobile app, make sure to introduce the possibility of placing an order directly from a mobile device. If people can browse your products, they should also be able to order directly from the app, right?

#3: Don’t ignore Push Notifications

A custom mobile app gives you access to the phone of your customers and this is as close as you’re going to get! Use push notifications wisely and you will be able to notify customers of sales, offers, and so on. Just don’t be greedy – no one likes to get notifications every day!

#4: Be Creative with Notifications

If you don’t want to stress your customers with general notifications, ask you mobile developer to create an app that will notify people on sales the moment they are close to you store. After all, if you’re nearby, why not take the opportunity of visiting your favorite store?

#5: Use Customers as Referrals

Include a feature that allows customers to share your products on their social media accounts. You can also include a discount for the most loyal and supportive customers or special offers.

This feature will allow you to tap into the power of digital word of mouth, which is pretty powerful!

#6: Mobile Reservations

A custom mobile app specially created for reservations is a powerful sales drive. By opening your calendar to customers, you eliminate the middle man (the employee who takes on calls) and you cut on costs. Even more, customers will like it more – no need to call and make a reservation within a specific time interval (plus, no more busy lines).

#7: Implement a rating system

If your business is in the services industry, a rating system would work wonders for new customers. By allowing users to post reviews and rate each service (or specialist) separately, you offer new comers a base of trust.

#8: Create a Community

We had an app development project for music lovers where the main idea was to put people with the same tastes in touch. You would learn about fans close by, get in touch with artists, and you could share content and thoughts about music. So, via a mobile app, we managed to create a very targeted community (you can see more about this here).

#9: Create a Help Desk

One of the main complaints we hear is that businesses are not open enough when it comes to communication. So, instead of opening a phone line for your customers, allow them to talk to you directly from their mobile devices. Ask your app development team to create a Help Desk app where people can post complaints, ask questions, and leave reviews. This will lead to a more engaged clientele.

#10: Create a Virtual Place

This may be a bit more complex, but it is a fantastic way to attract customers! Create a virtual store or a place of business where customers can virtually experience your products. It’s true that it’s not a good fit for every product, but it is a fantastic way to stand out of the crowd!