Downloadable Lead Magnets for email

Downloadable content has become popular lead magnets to build and grow your email list. It positions you as an expert in the industry and is quick to design, download, and utilize.

Downloadable lead magnets for email can be anything, from ebooks to infographics. Just make sure it’s relevant and useful to recipients. In exchange, you get a new email ID to add to your list.

Check out different types of downloadable lead magnets and which will work best for you:

How-to Guides

how to guide

How-to guides feature a step-by-step process that a user has to follow to complete a task. It is also a definitive guide that provides instructions to the audience for using any software/technology. 

The content of the how-to guides should be crisp, clear, and easy to understand. It should be related to your target audience and niche. A well-written how-to guide can generate higher leads and create brand awareness.       



E-books are texts in digital form that can be downloaded on any device. They are one of the best ways to convey relevant content to the audience.

You can write ebooks on any topic that targets your domain. For inspiration, you can also create ebooks on prior blog topics. However, make sure that the e-book content uplifts your brand image and credibility for the user.

The length of an e-book depends on the amount of information that you want to convey. It can be as short as 15 pages or as long as 100 pages. However, the information should be genuine and useful for the audience.

Additionally, you should put extra emphasis on the e-book layouts. Be it the fonts, colors, or sizes, the entire ebook structure should be flawless. Also, follow useful heading tips to create excellent headings and subheadings for the chapters.

Remember, good E-books lead to a long-term audience!  


A checklist is a set of instructions that can guide your audience to fulfill their goal. This goal can be anything that your domain offers.

You just need to make categories of the instructions and arrange them in a systematic order for your audience. Checklists are one-pagers with short yet relevant content.

Just like the rest of the downloadable lead magnets, the checklist should be high-quality and easy to understand. The more tasks users check out from the list, the closer they get to their goal.

Other Downloadable Lead Magnets

Templates: Templates are editable contents that are built on other experiences. It prevents you from creating any layout from scratch. To get the templates, you can either use online tools or search for free templates on the internet.

Worksheets: Worksheets are activity-based lead magnets that need more outline and design, rather than writing. It is available in printable and PDF form that can be downloaded and filled by users. However, make sure to follow exclusive design trends to create high-quality worksheet outlets. 

Printables: Printables are lead magnets in printable formats. As soon as the user clicks on a printable, it instantly gets downloaded. Users can then print these printables on their own.

Design it Right!

Before creating the downloadable lead magnets, ensure that the actual product is well-designed. You can reach Symphony Software for the most excellent digital product designs, that too at a reasonable price. Contact us for more details.