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ShyftFly is a start-up and a digital platform, both desktop and mobile, that enables restaurant owners and operators to update and share real-time shift updates with their teams.

Business Situation

Vision of the CEO was to use technology to help restaurants connect with their young employees in a fun and interactive way giving them information on the fly. The employees interact with the App and earn points by playing quizzes that are used to coach and train them simultaneously. Employees also interact with their social media accounts spreading word about the restaurant and specials as well as customers to build personal relationships.


Symphony Software worked with Shyftfly CEO and owner to understand their vision and develop a viable plan keeping in mind budget and timing constraints. The collected information was documented in detail providing Shyftfly an opportunity to review their vision on paper giving several recommendations on how the user flow and engagement can be improved.

The project was divided in three phases. The first phase accomplished creating detailed User Interfaces and User Experience and getting feedback from Shyftfly and a few interested restaurants. The second phase included developing and testing of this interface. The third phase included making this system available for various restaurants on a monthly subscription basis.

We used Php along with SQL Server to develop a state of the art Web Based Application along with Swift for iOS application and Java for Android application.

This custom software solution which included mobile apps for iOS and Android was delivered to Shyftfly’s satisfaction and has put them in a position to serve their clients by utilizing their custom software application to improve employee engagement and improve operations.


  • Keeping your restaurant team updated on daily features, special events and company updates
  • Increasing product knowledge and offering ongoing educational opportunities
  • Publicly celebrating personal and team achievements
  • Instantly updating 86’d Items
  • Utilizing your teams Social Media Networks to help drive additional sales


Products & Services Used

  • Services:
  • Custom Software Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Project Management
  • Requirement Elicitations
  • Quality Assurance Testing, Unit testing
  • Change Management
    • Technologies:
  • Cake PHP platform
  • SQL Server
  • Unit testing

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