How to Create a Product Prototype

The prototype is an efficient way to know the design and the feel of any product in the making. It is like a product sample that you intend to produce on a larger scale. Through product prototypes, you can get a fair idea of what the ultimate product is going to be. 

It also helps you know about the product features that are working and the one that needs refining. Being an integral part of product testing, prototyping can be a game-changer for any manufacturer. But, how to create a product prototype? If you are wondering so, then read through:

What are the Different Ways to Prototype?  

Prototyping involves presenting your idea to a set of potential users, gathering feedback, and using it for better product development. When it comes to prototyping for any business , there are various ways to do so, like paper prototyping, online tools, etc. 

Let’s learn them individually:

Paper prototyping:

One of the most common/simple methods to prototype is paper prototyping. It involves basic steps where you need to draw ideas on paper. Just grab a pencil/pen or blank sheet and start drawing your imagination. 

Note: If you have complex software with several features, it’s best not to test them all. It’s time-consuming. In that case, select the crucial ones and test the same. 

After jotting down all the features on paper, show your work to a set of potential users and get their feedback. Ask them whether the product is intuitive or if it has some loopholes. If they provide you with any feedback, customize your sketches as per the same, unless it feels satisfactory. 

While prototyping is important, we think that for the best product design, you need to keep your design roots strong. That’s because if you create intuitive designs in the first place, you will receive positive feedback from the users. This will prevent the need for customization and warrant positive feedback. 

At Symphony Software, our product design team ensures that the products are seamlessly made for a better user experience. We implement the best designing services to ensure flawless outcomes and eventually a thumbs up from the users. 

Online Prototyping:

Alternatively, you can go beyond the conventional process and try online prototyping. Unlike paper prototyping, it doesn’t involve paper and pen but online tools to create the prototype.

There are various online tools for prototyping from which you can choose from. However, the only drawback to these tools is that they aren’t free forever. After a free trial, you will have to subscribe to their premium versions to use it further., for example, is an impeccable tool that lets you prototype without coding. It is compatible with various softwares in the market, plus you get UI libraries and the latest iOS releases. However, it only comes with a 15-day free trial.

So, from the above two methods, we think paper prototyping would be the best option, especially if you are a beginner. That’s because it’s free-of-cost and quite definite for the users to understand your product.

Prototype it Right!

So, that’s how you create your product prototype. Before you step into prototyping, focus on a top-notch product design. 
At Symphony Software, we can create intuitive product designs that could instantly impress the prototype users in one go! Reach us today to know more.