get many website visitors quickly for free

A website with higher visitor traffic has more chances of gaining potential customers. It increases the brand’s opportunity to generate high-quality leads, SERP rankings, and eventually, the revenue. And, you know you can get many website visitors quickly for free.

Every website owner looks for ways to get maximum visitors in a shorter period of time. That’s because they want their brand to grow at the earliest.  

Thankfully, there are various tried and tested methods that have worked pretty well for marketers earlier. If you are looking for similar tactics to gain website visitors, then read through: 


Reddit is a large group of forums where people can circulate content, and everyone can vote on it. If you post on the right subheads, it can help you generate larger traffic on your website. Let us tell you how:

Suppose you are targeting an audience that’s interested in startups. Now, you can find a community that matches your domain and post your content in the same. 

If people like your content/post, they will give you karmas (a feature in Reddit that means negative/positive points). Eventually, your post will be upvoted and land up on hot topic pages. This will help you to get more brand exposure and traffic. 

While posting on Reddit, keep these things in mind: 

  • Do not use a promotional tone on your posts, or people will call out spam. 
  • Ask for feedback or comments for genuine promotion.   
  • Make sure to post regularly for better reach. 
  • Remember, only valuable contents feature on hot topic pages. So, work on creating high-quality and genuine content.
  • Make sure to offer great UX to turn visitors into customers


LinkedIn is a great platform for generating higher traffic, especially if you have good contacts. You can post impactful content on your LinkedIn profile, and if your contacts find it genuine, they will like and share your content further. 

Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn has comparatively lesser active groups. Still, if you do thorough research, you can find some genuine groups to share your posts with. Once you do, promote your websites through actionable and authentic content.  

You need not have to post regularly to get visitors from LinkedIn groups. Just one post every week would be sufficient for your website promotion.  


Besides LinkedIn and Reddit, you can also post on Facebook groups to get more visitors to your website. You need to start by searching for active and authentic groups that target your audience. 

Once you do, start posting engaging and relevant content to get the attention of group members. It is an efficient medium to market your products for free

You can also post interesting comments on any viral content of the group. In the end, attach your website link to direct the users toward the landing page. 

Like Reddit, do not be promotional with your tone on Facebook groups, else, you may get spammed. 

To Wrap Up

Do you know what naturally drives large website visitors in less time? It’s a responsive website. 

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