How to Markup the Text Using Elements in Content

Once the content is ready, you need to add the markup to the text to structure the document with HTML, head, subheads, and body. In this guide, we will explain and introduce the elements that you want to mark up in the text. But, first, you should understand how important it is to select the elements semantically to describe the content meaning in the best possible way. This also ensures that the content is easy to access in various browsing...

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How to Create a Simple Web Page – Step By Step Guide

The online presence of your business can have a great impact on the overall sales of your services and products. This is why the look and structure of the web page are an important parts of your website. A web designer can create and modify web pages using HTML. Follow the steps below to create a simple web page using HTML. Step 1: Edit the Content in Notepad As a starting point, write raw text content and check how the...

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6 Key Design Concepts Every Web Designer Should Know

As the web matures and the number of devices we access it from increases exponentially, the world of web designing is growing more complicated. In this blog, we’ll focus on big concepts (not the basics) of web design to give you a solid foundation for developing your skills.  They include: The multitude of devicesWeb standardsProgressive enhancementResponsive web designAccessibilitySite performance So, let’s get started. A Multitude of Devices Until 2007, our biggest concern was dealing with multiple desktop browsers. The introduction...

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Guide to Adding Payment Methods to Your Ecommerce Store

A long time ago, setting up a payment method for online store was very complicated. But nowadays, it has become very easy to set up payment methods thanks to payment providers like PayPal and Stripe. In this blog, we will focus on both of these online payment processing platforms.  So, let us get started: Why Choose PayPal and Stripe Set up your account with them very quickly and for freeEffectively take care of everything for credit card payments Eliminate the process...

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How to Secure your Website from Attackers

There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of being attacked by hackers. All your work gets altered or wiped out completely, which is really a serious issue for any website owner. So, it is very important to secure your website from attackers to protect your data and useful information. Don’t think that hacks only happen to big guys, no, many small businesses become victims of hacking and data breaches. As many people are trying to hack you every day,...

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Customizing the Footer Information and Social Buttons on a WordPress Website

In the last chapter, we guide you to make the WordPress site mobile-friendly. Now, this chapter will guide you through customizing footer information and social buttons on the WordPress site. Both footer and social buttons are important parts of the website to connect with more readers. Today, almost everyone is using social media, and having social buttons on a website is a plus point to gaining more traffic to your site. What Is A WordPress Footer? A footer appears at...

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How to Make Your WordPress Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly

In the former article, you learned about posting a blog on the WordPress Website. In this article, we will guide you on how to make your WordPress website responsive and mobile-friendly. Here we will discuss all kinds of plugins to ensure your Website is up and running properly. What is a Responsive Website? A responsive site looks not only good on the browser but also looks amazing on mobile devices. You can check the Website on both browsers and mobile...

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Introduction to WordPress and Navigating WordPress

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the navigating WordPress website. Now, the question arises what is WordPress? WordPress is an open-source tool that is easy to use to build a website and post content. It is a content management system (CMS) that organizes the complete process of creating, storing, and displaying web content in a great way. It is used as a web designing and blogging tool worldwide. If you want to develop a...

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Understanding Different Content Types for Marketing

content types for marketing

Publishing high-quality and well-researched content builds brand awareness and makes your business look authoritative. When prospective buyers read high-quality content, it encourages them to become long-term customers. Different content types for marketing that's published on websites varies from industry to industry. It depends on your target niche and the audience related to it.  For example, if your website focuses on young entrepreneurs, one of the content types for your website could be inspirational blog posts. Just like this, there are...

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Importance of Call to Action (CTA) For Higher Conversion

Importance of Call to Action

A call to action is a crucial aspect of a landing page that's placed in multiple positions. Sometimes, it's just the right side of the header, and sometimes you could find it at the bottom too. Note that it's always placed in areas that instantly catch the attention of the visitor.  Clear from its name, the call to action makes your users take action for conversion. But, like any other content for the landing page design, the call to action...

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