Detailed Guide – How the Web Works

If you have just entered into web development, the chances are you think about how the web works. This guide will help you understand what the web is, how it differs from the Internet, and how it works. Let's first understand how the Internet is different from the web. What's the Difference Between the Web and the Internet? Many confuse the word internet with web, but these two terms are entirely different. The Internet is a worldwide network of connected...

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What is the Role of Web Designer – Beginner’s Guide

Web designers play an important role in creating an effective website for businesses. However, efforts and techniques may vary in designing small-scale and large-scale websites. For example, to design a small website, you need to be a part-time graphic designer, writer, and HTML author. On the other hand, you need a group of people who specialize in particular fields to design a large-scale site. Here are the resposnibilities and role of web designer: Design is an Important Role of Web...

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Guide to Build an Impressive Home Page for eCommerce Store

The home page is something that you should not ignore when creating an eCommerce website. It is one of the important aspects of any online store that attracts and creates interest in people in your services or products. Learn how to create an effective and impressive Home page for an eCommerce site. How to Add a Home Page to an eCommerce Website You can create an impressive homepage for your website or online store by following these steps. Step 1:...

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9 Essential Pages for your eCommerce Site (Other Than Product Pages)

When designing an eCommerce website, it’s natural to focus more on the ‘meat’ of your store – product pages. But there are several other essential pages for eCommerce site that can bring you huge sales opportunities.  Let’s take a look: Homepage It can be the point where people reorientate, clicking back to the homepage after browsing other pages. So, you can signpost shoppers to what else they want to search on the site through featured categories, navigation, search, etc.  You...

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Customizing the Footer Information and Social Buttons on a WordPress Website

In the last chapter, we guide you to make the WordPress site mobile-friendly. Now, this chapter will guide you through customizing footer information and social buttons on the WordPress site. Both footer and social buttons are important parts of the website to connect with more readers. Today, almost everyone is using social media, and having social buttons on a website is a plus point to gaining more traffic to your site. What Is A WordPress Footer? A footer appears at...

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How to Make Your WordPress Website Responsive and Mobile Friendly

In the former article, you learned about posting a blog on the WordPress Website. In this article, we will guide you on how to make your WordPress website responsive and mobile-friendly. Here we will discuss all kinds of plugins to ensure your Website is up and running properly. What is a Responsive Website? A responsive site looks not only good on the browser but also looks amazing on mobile devices. You can check the Website on both browsers and mobile...

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Designing Tips for Your Landing Page ( Visuals, Contents, and Fonts)

Demo Landing Page

Going to design a landing page? Check out these designing tips for your landing page. Landing pages are one of the best ways to convert your visitors into leads. It's a standalone page that visitors are redirected to after clicking a link, advertisement, or email. Thus, they are actionable in nature.  Besides the purpose that it serves, a landing page should be visually appealing so that the users can stay for long. It should have high-quality and well-written content with...

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Milwaukee Web Design & Development: The Best Choice for your Business

As a well-established and experienced Milwaukee Web Design Company, we know how important a great site is for business these days. But it’s not just about knowing how to design a website, the entire process is important. After all, most small to medium businesses can afford to hire a talented graphic designer to create a fantastic template. What it matters is the process that leads to the site and the process that happens after the site is live. And this...

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4 Tech Trends to Change the Business World in the Next 5 Years

web design

The world of web design and new technology is changing every day! And, if you’re not up to date, you may be left behind and miss the chance to develop your business! Today’s innovations are taking our world by surprise, but they have a huge potential for remaking our society and transforming the world of business even before most of us know it happened. To make sure the technology won’t leave your business behind take a look at these four...

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How Awesome Small Business Web Design Helps with Conversion

In many cases, the website is one of the most vital elements for small businesses. It is the main way the business gets to attract clients and market services and products, so it is the very heart of the sale process. But how do you get from design to great conversion rates? According to our experience as a custom web design company, you need a site that’s awesome! While this is a general explanation, it is true that an aesthetically...

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