Web designers play an important role in creating an effective website for businesses. However, efforts and techniques may vary in designing small-scale and large-scale websites.

For example, to design a small website, you need to be a part-time graphic designer, writer, and HTML author. On the other hand, you need a group of people who specialize in particular fields to design a large-scale site.

Here are the resposnibilities and role of web designer:

Design is an Important Role of Web Designer

Website design is divided into many specializations that need a proper workflow as described below:

  • User Interface design

The first thing to focus on is how the site works and looks. Before selecting colors and fonts, identify the website’s goals and how visitors want to use it. This falls under three disciplines – Interaction Design (IDX), User Interface (UI) design, and User Experience (UX) design. 

Interaction Designer makes the site as easy, efficient, and delightful to use as possible. The User Interface designer focuses on the functional organization of the page as well as buttons, links, menus, etc. And the UX designer ensures the entire experience with the site is favorable. 

Everything on the site must align with the organization’s brand and business goals. Here is the list of documents an IDX, UI, or UX designer needs to maintain:

  • Research and testing report: The designer needs to understand the needs and desires of users to design a website. Site designs often involve user research, including surveys, interviews, and observations. This gives you a better understanding of how the site can solve the issues or how it will be used.
  • Wireframe diagrams: A wireframe diagram is the entire structure of a web page using only outlines for each content type and widget. It is helpful for the developed team to create an effective site while programming.
  • Storyboards and user flow charts: A storyboard traces the path through a site from the point of view of a typical user. It aims to demonstrate the steps it takes to accomplish tasks and possible options and introduces some standard page types.

Graphic Designs

The web is a visual medium; therefore, web pages need attention to design. A graphic designer creates the logos, graphics, type, colors, layout, etc., for the website. It ensures that the site makes a good first impression and is consistent with the brand it represents. Graphic designers typically generate sketches of the site. Also, web designers also need to know how to create and edit images at a minimum.


A fair amount of the web design process involves the creation of documents, style sheets, scripts, and images that make up a site. Web developers may not design the site’s structure themselves but keep in touch with designers to understand the site goals so they may suggest solutions to accomplish them. Here is the work of a web developer:

  • Authoring/markup

First, the developer must prepare the Web content and mark it up with HTML tags. To become a web developer, you need to have knowledge of HTML and how it functions on various browsers and devices.

  • Styling

In web design, the page’s appearance in the browser is controlled by style rules written in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Again, if you are interested in working in web development, knowing about CSS is very helpful.

  • Programming

Programming is important to create a customized web design. For example, JavaScript is the language that makes elements work on web pages. There are many other web designing languages, such as PHP, Ruby, Python, ASP.NET, and more.

Web programming requires some traditional computer programming prowess. While many web developers have computer science degrees, it is common for them to be self-taught.

Content Strategy And Creation

Third, on our list is the site’s content which is the main focused area of any website. The web designer needs to be aware that everything written on the website is user-friendly, effective, and promotes rand.

The site can’t be fully effective when the content isn’t written right. This is where the role of c Content Strategist comes in handy. They ensure that every bit of text on a site supports the company’s brand identity and marketing goals.


One of the best things about the Website is that you can add multimedia elements to your site, including sound, video, animation, and more. You may decide to add multimedia skills, such as audio and video editing or flash development.

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