Setting Up a Web Host Account For Your WordPress Ecommerce Website

Are you looking to set up your first eCommerce store? Well, the first step of the process is to set up your web host account for your store. Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. Before we read how to set up a web host for WordPress eCommerce website, let's learn what is web hosting. What is meant by Web hosting?  Web hosting is like buying or renting space for your shop. You buy or rent space for your store...

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Designing Tips for Your Landing Page ( Visuals, Contents, and Fonts)

Demo Landing Page

Going to design a landing page? Check out these designing tips for your landing page. Landing pages are one of the best ways to convert your visitors into leads. It's a standalone page that visitors are redirected to after clicking a link, advertisement, or email. Thus, they are actionable in nature.  Besides the purpose that it serves, a landing page should be visually appealing so that the users can stay for long. It should have high-quality and well-written content with...

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Designing a Landing Page for Your Startup [& Key Elements]

Landing Page for Startup

A landing page is simply your website, but it's called a landing page because it's only one page. You can scroll it, and it has a clear goal to convert visitors. Convert can mean different things. For example, you can convert visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This way, you can collect email addresses and evaluate interest according to how many people actually signed up. This is called lead generation. Or, you can convert visitors to pre-buy your product.  A...

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Importance of Creating a Prototype for your Business Idea

Creating a Prototype for your Business Idea

Creating a prototype for your business idea can be an excellent way to attract investors, promote your product, and bring your idea to life. You’ve come up with a ground-breaking product idea and done all your research. But how do you convince investors that your idea is a promising opportunity worth funding? Of course, with a prototype! A prototype allows you to demonstrate the look and feel of your future product. So, instead of just describing it to people, show...

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3 Most Common Reasons Why Startups Fail

reasons why startups fail

In the previous blog, we talked about how to find the best startup ideas. Hopefully, it helped you find your business idea. We'll learn how to assess and foolproof your startup idea in upcoming blogs. Did you know that 70% of startups fail in the first, second, or fifth year? Well, we don't want to demotivate you. We just want to keep you informed about these figures.  So, why do some startups fail? There could be many reasons why startups...

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What is Scrum SDLC: Pros, Cons and Best Use Cases in Software Development

scrum sdlc pros and cons 1

Scrum SDLC model is a type of Agile model for software engineering. Scrum facilitates iterative and incremental software development, unlike the traditional waterfall model. So, if you want a product that addresses complex adaptive problems while ensuring creativity and productivity, Scrum SDLC can be an ideal choice. Our team at Symphony Software is experienced in creating a software product that strictly follows the Agile manifesto. In this blog, we'll explain Scrum SDLC pros and cons and its different stages. Before...

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What is Waterfall SDLC: Pros, Cons and Best Use Cases in Software Development

The waterfall model is considered the most traditional software development method. Also known as the linear-sequential life cycle model, this SDLC methodology remains a useful approach for projects with fixed and clear requirements. In this blog, you'll learn about waterfall SDLC pros and cons as well as its best use cases. It's a useful model when you don't want to be involved in the development process. Simply provide your requirements, and we'll deliver the finished software product, along with maintenance...

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What is Agile SDLC: Pros, Cons and Best Use Cases in Software Development

agile sdlc model

Timely product delivery and fast-paced changes in customer needs are two major challenges in the software development industry. That’s when the Agile SDLC model makes sense. It offers a flexible approach to the design and development of software. At Symphony Software, we use popular Agile practices for large-scale and accelerated software delivery. This unique approach helps us guarantee greater productivity, lower IT costs, and fewer issues. In this blog, we’re going to give you insights into our expertise and process...

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9 Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodologies [Which One is Best]

sdlc methodologies

Methodologies for software application development have evolved greatly over time. Most of these methodologies have become obsolete and irrelevant. At Symphony Software, we use dominant SDLC frameworks, including Agile and DevOps to ensure that the final product fits end users .  Whether you’re a software development company or someone who needs customized software, it’s worth looking at SDLC methodologies chronically.  Here we go: Old SDLC Methodologies 1. Waterfall - The First SDLC Methodology (the 1970s to 90s) This linear-sequential model...

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What are 7 Stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) 

stages of SDLC

Custom software development is key to the long term success of organizations. A custom software system is tailor-made to the unique and specific demands of your enterprise. It scales with your business growth and maximizes the overall productivity. In addition, custom software is a wise investment that brings significant money savings in the long term and has various stages of SDLC.  At Symphony Software, we take pride in our unique approach to custom software development and stages of SDLC. We...

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