“Digitization is going to be the most important thing that you are going to work on at least in this era… You give up your latitude at your own peril.”

We are a leading Web Design, Custom Software Development and a Mobile App Development Company in Milwaukee area. It’s what companies can reimagine with Software that creates the real opportunities. To succeed all executives must adopt Technology & this is what we do. We are based in Milwaukee & love to solve complex business problems using software technologies for a small to mid sized businesses. Some examples include:

  • A complex & automated quoting system for your customers to save man power and improve accuracy of the quotes
  • A work order & time management system for a roofing contractor
  • A solution for telemarketers
  • A inventory management system for a restaurant or a grocery store
  • A time management system for shop floor people or maintenance people
  • A very complex oil trading platform
  • A delivery management solution for trucking company using mobile apps
  • A micro-donation app
  • Or a innovative app for music lovers based on the concept of Tinder.

The list goes on and on and on and with every project our clients have received great ROI, in some cases less than 3 months, and
with every project we have taken customer service and quality to the next level.

Our team has specific expertise in optimizing & mapping out your office processes. We learn your current processes, map out
future and optimized processes based on which we start the software development. Thus, you not only get the value of increasing
efficiency by using software, you also get the expertise to optimize your processes by default.

 When you work with Symphony Software, you have a dedicated account manager working daily on your behalf. Not to mention, you’ll also get the know-how of our entire team which is dedicated to meet or beat your expectations.

We’d love to connect with you, and are just a phone call away (414) 218-4644

Software Development

Custom Software Development is a perfect solution for your unique business process or idea. With our affordable prices, more often than not, ROI for custom software is within 4-6 months, which is quite contrary to common perception. With our solutions, you can improve productivity, improve employee engagement, increase customer retention and achieve much more for your business.


More and more people are shopping online today and with the advent of smart phones and tablets, it has become more and prevalent. We can help you set up or modernize your e-shop which will help you drive revenue 24/7. With our affordable solutions you can have Mobile apps (iOS and Android) for your own business in no time which can help drive sales from your dealers and other existing customers.

Mobile Apps

We understand the lack of skilled digitization professionals available to guide and support a Small Business. We will be your expert and will come up with unique ideas to drive sales, improve safety, boost employee engagement, increase productivity and optimize other unique business processes to engage with your customers or supply base using mobile apps on the phone or tablets.

Outsourcing Services

Do you want to focus on your core business while achieving cost and efficiency savings and reducing overhead, staffing flexibility and without worrying about developing internal staff for your IT projects? We are uniquely positioned to help you with experienced resources in our office in India.

Do you have an idea for your start up or want to to digitize your business process to improve productivity or improve customer retention, contact us today!! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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