content types for marketing

Publishing high-quality and well-researched content builds brand awareness and makes your business look authoritative. When prospective buyers read high-quality content, it encourages them to become long-term customers. Different content types for marketing that’s published on websites varies from industry to industry. It depends on your target niche and the audience related to it. 

For example, if your website focuses on young entrepreneurs, one of the content types for your website could be inspirational blog posts. Just like this, there are various other content types that you can post on your websites. Here’s a quick list:

Productivity Blogs

Productivity blogs

Productivity blogs are one of the most popular content types of all. If you search for the topic “how to be productive,” you will find thousands of results on the search engine pages. These blogs aren’t limited to just personal productivity tips but also high-quality writeups on wellness and fulfillment. 

Being a common content type, productivity blogs are read on and off by the audience. This means you are likely to get higher traffic on these contents. 

Besides that, these writeups are motivating enough for readers to come back again! You will be getting recurrent views from one reader. 

Tip : Content quality works like icing on the cake. For higher lead generation, work on improving your blog quality. Keep your content unique, informative, and impactful to attract the audience. 

Inspirational Content

Inspirational content has a large number of online columns on search pages. This content type helps the audience to learn about positive thinking, happiness, self-esteem, and motivation. It is prominent among people who want to improve their lives.

Besides written blogs, inspirational content is also popular in other forms like videos, infographics, and podcasts. As people look at various mediums to stay inspired, you can expect higher traffic on these content types.  



Whenever a person decides to buy something, the first thing they do is search for its review. Reviews are, generally, a formal assessment of something. In simple terms, it’s a person’s feedback on the particular item that they have used. 

You can write reviews for products, services, technologies, brands, or literally anything! It can either be in written form like blogs or other forms like videos and podcasts. Review videos are especially in demand after a new application, product, or software release.

A well-presented and unbiased review can attract a larger audience. You can also follow successful video marketing tips to create genuine review videos. 

As per Google’s product review update, an in-depth and informative review has a higher chance of ranking in the top search results. On the other hand, thin content with an in-general summary will rank at the bottom. So, you can do the math!

Other Content Types

Infographics: Infographics is a visual representation of any data with images, texts, icons, and charts. They are short and useful for conveying complicated data in a simple form. 

E-books: E-books are digital versions of real books that can be read on computers or electronic devices. They are shareable content that is easily accessible everywhere. 

How-to Guides: How-to guides are informative contents that feature step-by-step instructions for users to perform any task.    


While these are some common content types, you can research your domain and select a content type for your targeted audience. Other than that, you should also focus on developing an intuitive and well-designed website for your brand. 

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